Great Big Walk Audio Update Day #15

Hey this is TA calling in from Kampuchea again, we’re back down. It seems like a lifetime ago since we were here. Even though it was 48 hours ago. I wasn’t particularly tired till i sat down. Now I am and I think all of us are. It was quite the day. Marian has 30 787 steps, 55 floors and a fit bit distance of 21. 27 km. I had 31 365 steps, 42 floors, 20. 91 km and Cam had 30 879 steps and a fit bit distance of 21 km. When we measured it on the map, the map gave us a distance of about 27. So it’s anybody’s guess how far we walked but we were on our feet for close to 7 hours. Losing about 1000 meters. So you can see that I can talk without stopping today. So that’s pretty exciting and when we came downhill we even on occasions sang a bit.

We had a magical night last night. The moon was almost full. So when getting up to empty the pee bottle and I will talk about pee bottles in a future update. But when I got up to empty ours, the moonlight was awesome. Kanchenjunga was just illuminated and I wanted to stay out except that it was probably about -15 so I couldn’t stay out for too long but it was cool to see all the stars and the moonlight on the mountains. It was truly a Himalayan moment. Kind of an interesting thing about sleeping up that high because we do get that quite cold temperatures, you get frost inside your tents and it means that all electronics have to be in your sleeping bag with you so SAT phones, cell phones, i Pods, camera batteries, anything that you want to have work that’s electronic has to find its way into your bag, as does your water bottle because anything left outside will freeze and then it doesn’t work nearly as well. Pee bottle doesn’t live in the pee bottle but it leaves near you so that it doesn’t freeze because it is hard to empty a frozen pee bottle and other things sometimes you can get away with putting them between you.

So its pretty challenging, if you roll over you kind of have to kind of re-position everything so you’re not sleeping with a lump in your back. One of the things that was remarkable about being in the Kanchenjunga base camp was the silence. There was especially in the middle of the night and in the early morning, no human made noise, no planes, really the only human made noises are voices and our chefs and cooks using their kerosene stoves but when those were all shut down for the night it just got wonderfully, awe strikingly quiet.

This morning we were pretty excited to see some snow leopard tracks in the snow and some more blue sheep. So we got to see some more legendary wildlife of the Kanchenjunga area, although we didn’t actually get to see a snow leopard we did get to see some tracks and that was pretty amazing.

So a pretty big day to cover two days distance on the way down. Everyone is doing well, getting stronger by the day. Definitely feet were a bit tired. Cam was dancing over the landslide areas with ease these days. We’re all boulder hopping and talus slope hopping much much better each and everyday. Tomorrow we’re back to ghunsa and that will give us hopefully a little bit of time to catch up, get some batteries recharged, everything all dried out from being up high. When you sleep up high in the super cold, anytime you exhale, you’re letting moisture out and any time you make a little bit of sweat so all that can collect in your sleeping bag. So it is nice to get some sun to dry that out every couple of days. So we’re having a great time as always on the great big walk. Happy Saturday to all of you out there. Hope you got out for a bit of a walk just like us and we will catch you from tomorrow. Take care. Bye!

Total Steps for TA: 31 365 steps, 42 floors,

Total Steps for Marian: 30 787 steps, 55 floors

Total Distance for TA: 20.91 km

Total Distance for Marian: 21.27 km

Great Big Walk acknowledges the support of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Quick Start Fund for Public Engagement in making these updates from the field possible.

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