Great Big Walk Audio Update Day #18

Hey this is TA calling in from Day 18 of the great big walk. Or in Nepali Din otera. We’re at a place called Nasa Karka, so another Karka, another parking lot for yaks. It is our second wood in the campsite in a row. We’re at an elevation of 3707 m. And Today was a big celebratory day here for us because we crossed our first path. We crossed the nangola. La is a Tibetan word for path and Nango means above the house. So this is the above the house path. This particular path allows us to save about 4 days of walking if we went south and went around the bottom. So we had about a 700 m gain up to the path. It was quite warm and sunny till we hit the path wonderful strings of prayer flags flying at the path as is often the case. Mingma added a new string for good luck for the trip and there was the most gorgeous mountain that we saw.

The sky had been foggy all last night and then sunny in the morning and foggy and sunny and foggy and sunny and it cleared just for us to see this most gorgeous snow covered Himalayan peak as we came through the path and then it closed in basically for the rest of the day. There was quite a bit of snow on the far side of the path. Points some of us were falling to our waists as we making our way down. Some of the porters made sleds out of their baskets or out of their bags and dragged them or even carried them through the spots. It was a little bit tricky at points because the snow is over a bunch of boulders. So you could drop into a fairly deep hole if you were not careful.

So we’re here. We got here in good time. Less snow than in past years so we are grateful for that. Marian had 20 536 steps and 195 floors. Distance of 14.25 km. I had 20 946 steps, 194 floors, 13.8 km and Cam had 20 794 steps and a distance of 13.75 km. Kind of fun, our running total steps for the project is over 340 000 at this point. Just wanted to say thank you again from the Memorial University of Newfoundland office of engagement for making these audio pod casts possible from the expedition. And I wanted to thank Kelly for sending in her good news. Congrats, glad to hear from you that you’ve had good news there and Silvia for your texts today. We enjoy getting the encouragement and yes again Cam led the way up to the path. Brianne can you text me and let me know that you are receiving the spot locations. The spots are seeming kind of funky the last couple days and so I’m not sure that that is coming through. And finally wanted to, well not quite finally, almost finally remind anyone, any teachers and schools that you’re more than welcome to jump on board the great big walk and if you write my Comms person, Brianne, from my website you can get instructions on how you can text our SAT phone directly and ask us great questions about what we’re seeing or experiencing or what we’re learning about being here on this great big walk in Nepal.

We did end up celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. We realized after I did the podcast last night with the whole team listening that it was St. Patrick’s Day. We decided that our teammate Ray is really leprechaun. All that green coloring finally made sense and we played a bunch of music from Newfoundland folk to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at 4 100 m above sea level. So that was a great taste of home and where we were camped last night and even where we were camped today. (inaudible) and there is a little bit of Labrador tea so we can be reminded about home when we are very very far from home. Snowing now, sometimes raining, sometimes our camp looks like a laundry party broke out. We’re trying to get everything that got wet today dried out and looking forward to a yummy dinner once again to refuel. We’ve got another really big day tomorrow to take us into olangchung gola. Probably 8 or 8 and a half hours of actual walking time and then it will be, Yahoo!, day 19 a rest day. So looking forward to getting off the legs. This was our 7th day of big walking in a row, but you can definitely tell we’re a little more acclimatized than the last time we paid a visit to 4 700 m. So all is well here. As you can tell a little bit tired, but thrilled and excited and feeling great and feel privileged to be taking this great big walk and having you coming with us. Thanks and have a great day!

Total Steps for TA: 20, 946 steps, 194 floors

Total Steps for Marian: 20, 536 steps, 195 floors

Total Distance for TA: 13.8 km

Total Distance for Marian: 14.25 km

Great Big Walk acknowledges the support of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Quick Start Fund for Public Engagement in making these updates from the field possible.

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