Great Big Walk Audio Update Day #23

Hey this is TA calling in from Day 23 of the great big con as we’re calling it for at least the next couple of days. We had another big day here on the great big walk. We were out for almost 10 hours today. Moving for just over 7. And its kind of funny, we’re all kind of thinking the fitbit lied. We’ve all got them in new locations and we definitely know that its not picking up our movements in terms of our climbing because it gave us credit for only about 20 floors today when in fact it should’ve been about 180 with the meters that we gained. But anyway its what we got its what we got. Marian had 9918 steps and 20 floors, 6.81 km. I had 9628 for steps. I had 18 floors. 6.36 km and Cam had 6638 for steps. 4.39 km. We figured it was about probably in the vicinity of 6 km something like that. We crossed over the lumbha sambha. I can actually say its name today and with the amount of snow we’ve had, we’ve had 36 hours of snow. It was a decently epic day and it was especially epic for Mingma and Lhakpa who did the majority of the trailbreaking. Chandra helped the out as well and Cheri did as well but the lion’s share definitely went to Lhakpa the awesome and Mingma the magnificent.

And so since I have been telling you a bit about Mingma and Lhakpa I wanted to share with you the sherpa tradition of naming children for the day they were born and so Mingma was born on a Tuesday and his Mingma is associated with Mars. Lhakpa the awesome was born on a Wednesday and his planet is Mercury. If I was sherpa, because I was born on a Thursday, my name would’ve been Perba and I would be Jupiter. Tasang is born on Friday and Venus is the planet. Pemba on Saturday with Saturn. Nema, we have a few Nema’s on our crew. They were born on Sunday and the Sun is their planet and we have Odawel on our team as well and he was born on Monday and the moon is his sign. And if there is more than one child born to the family on the same day of the week, they often take a different middle name like Odaweldojay or On Mingma and things to differentiate.

I must say as we climbed up through the snow for hours on end today I had memories of lots of other big days in the mountains. Climbing to high camps in Aconcagua almost every day of climbing Mount McKinley and I’m glad for all those skills and experiences that I’ve had in the past as its fun to remember them. And it’s great to be out here taking this great big walk and definitely its a great big walk. We had some Tomato soup and I think we’re getting galbi for supper tonight. That will be a great energy replenisher. Up high for our second night in a row so it is going to be another chilly one but we’re going well, we’re hanging in, staying motivated and hope you took a glorious walk or whatever way you wanted to find your fit on this Sunday. Maybe it was your rest day. Rest days are good too. Definitely was not a rest day for us, we’ve got about I think 3 more days till we get our next rest day but looking forward to getting down out of the big snowy cold so that we can get things dry. We’ve been dealing with a lot of condensation and ice and snow so it will be nice to get down and see some trees again. But all is well here and thanks for tuning in and to Mrs Courage’s grade 4 class, we saw two lakes today as we crossed over. The name of lakes in Nepali is pokari. So we saw two lakes today, way up high. They were both frozen. We could’ve gone skating and so the number two in Nepali is dwee. So we said dwee pokari. I don’t have any idea how deep they were but we did see two lakes as we passed over.

Some of the terrain we traveled through today was very complex for a pass and hats off to the crew because the first part of the day was bright sunshine and then it was whiteout conditions with some flurry. So a big day, a challenging day for all and as soon as we have a little food we’re heading off to bed. Ok, take care, bye!

Total Steps for TA: 9628 steps,18 floors

Total Steps for Marian: 9918 steps, 20 floors

Total Distance for TA: 6.36 km

Total Distance for Marian: 6.81 km

Great Big Walk acknowledges the support of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Quick Start Fund for Public Engagement in making these updates from the field possible.

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