Great Big Walk Audio Update Day #25

Hey Namaste from Day 25 of the great big walk. We are located in a karka and if you remember a karka is a yak pasture and I wish you could hear the yak bells because actually this karka comes with lots of yaks. They have been wandering around the back of the tent, they have handy dandy bell sounds and sometimes we hear them grunting and groaning as they walk by probably wanting to eat something under our tent. We’re camped at an elevation of 2700 m and it was a little bit of surprisingly big day for us here on the great big walk. We knew we were dropping about 800 m but we hadn’t counted on how undulating the terrain would be. So Marian had 29 080 steps, 201 floors and a distance of 20.18 km. I was in there at 29 783, 221 floors almost 20 km and Cam was in there, the big winner for steps, 30 451 and a distance of 20.13 km. So some decent terrain that we covered today. Day 25 we found was a bit of a day of reflection for Marian and I we are more than a third through our great big walk and our colleagues are now a sixth of the way through theirs. They are going through the entire way. It definitely seems like the day’s routine is well ingrained and the speed at which days pass is a lot quicker.

Hard to believe that yesterday morning we were camped at 4900m with views of Makalu camped in the snow and today we are camped in the rain in the middle of the yak pasture and today’s highlights included multiple trips through the bamboo forest. Seeing rhododendrons in bloom as well the magnolias. Their blossoms are just amazing. To me they look like flocks of doves perched in the trees. Given that we’ve gone up and down now through the terrain several different times we are becoming very familiar with which vegetation and trees live at different elevations and what we can expect and we can almost guess what elevation we are on what trees we are seeing.

We did lots of rock kopje this morning as we descended the modek cheju khola as well as lots of up and down of very slippery kind of rocky mossy terrain. It had me thinking of my colleague from the school of human kinetics and recreation at Memorial University. My colleague Jeanette Byrnes’ work on fall prevention and reduction and was thinking about how grateful I was that I feel pretty able to catch myself because I think sometimes when people are worried about falling they don’t realize that one of the things that they can be doing is working their ability to catch themselves and maintaining that ability to catch. And one of the ways we do that here is using trekking poles so that when we’re going over more challenging terrain we can pull out a trekking pole which gives us a third or a third and fourth point of balance. So if we’re someone who has been a walker in doors who would like to walking outdoors and is a little bit worried about falls, maybe you can borrow a pair of trekking poles or ski poles or nautical walking poles as a way to both involve your upper body in your workout as well as feel a little bit more secure on less even terrain.

We had a lot of fun walking as the three deedee’s. What are the three Deedee’s you ask. Well deedee is the Nepali word for sister and is often a term for respect used and so we are rarely now called by our names we are called by our respective deedee names. So Marian as the eldest is called tule deedee and given in North America tule is a brand for roof rack we call her roof rack deedee as a way to help us remember that Nepali name. I’m the middle deedee so my name is Miley. So I’m MIley deedee and so we think of me sometimes probably incorrectly as the Miley Cyrus deedee and Camolina as the young one of the the group is kanshi deedee and so we often say “Kanshi? Of course she can deedee” and so when we get called for meals or whatever they have they call us as Tule deedee, Miley deedee or kanshi deedee. Ray is dai. Dai is the Nepali word for brother and so he’s Ray dai and Judah is Judah dai and if you’re referring to your younger sibling or younger sister or younger brother as a term of respect you might use beanie as a woman and a by as a younger brother. So Marian would call me (inaudible) call her Marian deedee. So we’re having fun being the three deedee’s and a dai and enjoyed our walk tremendously today even though we, at some point, wished it was a wee bit shorter just because we are on card legs having come over the pass but we’re doing well things are great. We love being out walking everyday and hope you’re out there walking yourself, counting those steps and marking them in there with our great big walk heart and stroke site and or in our Facebook group. So thanks for following along. Take good care and we’ll catch you from tomorrow. Bye!

Total Steps for TA: 29 783, 221 floors

Total Steps for Marian: 29,080 steps, 201 floors

Total Distance for TA: 20 km

Total Distance for Marian: 20.18 km

Great Big Walk acknowledges the support of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Quick Start Fund for Public Engagement in making these updates from the field possible.

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