Great Big Walk Day 25: To Kharka Camp

To Kharka Camp
The trail to Chyamtang is at times hard to follow due to thick overgrowth. We descend to the Medokchheje Khola before the trail climbs and we follow the west fork. The trail is scrambly in places as we contour around ridges to a small pass before descending through forest to a small kharka where we make an overnight camp.

Quote for the Day

Solvitur ambulando, St. Augustine said. It is solved by walking.
Laura Kelly

Did You Know?

Because there is still a high level of tectonic motion that occurs in and around the Himalayan mountain ranges, there are a large number of earthquakes that occur there.

Find Your Fit Fact

Keep yourself motivated. By setting goals and having rewards for meeting them, you can keep yourself motivated to continue walking and becoming healthier.

Activity Suggestion: Snow Leopard Tag

Materials Needed: Pinnies

Activity Description: Pick a number of students to be taggers (will vary on number of students in class).  When a tagger catches someone, that person must then get on all fours (hands and knees) and growl like a snow leopard.  To become untagged, another student must get next to the tagged student, get on all fours as well, and growl like a snow leopard.  Students cannot be tagged when they are in the process of un-tagging another student.


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