Great Big Walk Day 29: To Bakim Kharka (3020m)

To Bakim Kharka/ High Camp (3020m)
A short but challenging day with some steep ridge climbs and a minor pass crossing (2710m).  Short is six to seven hours of walking.

Quote for the Day

Let’s take a walk. You can show me some of your memories and I’ll show you some of mine.
Adam Berlin

Did You Know?

Some of the major rivers in the world originate from the Himalayas including The Yangtze River, The Brahmaputra and The Ganges.

Find Your Fit Fact

If you don’t have many friends who walk, you might want to consider joining a walker’s club. This allows you to make new friends and surround yourself with people who might want to achieve some of the same things as you.

Activity Suggestion: Yeti Tag #2

Materials Needed: Pinnies for taggers.

Activity Description: Starting with 2-5 people  being “it” (depending on numbers); the taggers must walk around with their knees and elbows straight, walking like a Yeti.  When a tagger tags someone, they become a yeti as well.  The game keeps going until everyone is a yeti.

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