Great Big Walk Day 31: To Dhunge Kharka (2980m)

Dhunge Kharka (2980m/7hrs)
We continue towards the Makalu Barun National Park. At times the trail will be
steep and rocky with some scrambling sections and challenging climbs. We will skirt around the picturesque Molun Pokhari (lake) and head south and south east crossing rivers, sometimes via logs, and penetrating thick rhododendron forest. These days on the trail are challenging as this area is not often traveled and there may be very limited space for camp sites.

Quote for the Day

Take a walk outside – it will serve you far more than pacing around in your mind.
Rasheed Ogunlaru

Did You Know?

The Great Himalaya Trail is divided into 10 connecting treks. They can be done separately from each other or they can also be done subsequently but each trek offers a different experience and adventure.

Find Your Fit Fact

Walking gets children to spend some time outdoors. Children spend less and less time outdoors learning to play and having them walking to school and walking outside helps them enjoy the outdoors more.

Activity Suggestion: Yaks and Yetis

Materials Needed:  A large number of pylons

Activity Description: Have the pylons spread out around the gym, roughly half should be stood up and the other half toppled over on the ground.  Split the class in half. One half will be yetis and the other half will be yaks.  When the game starts, the yetis will go around making the pylons stand up, while the yaks will be going around pushing the pylons down.  After a while have the class switch roles and repeat.


Yaks, having dropped their loads, return to lower elevations to pick up another.

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