Great Big Walk Day 32: To Saldim Khola or Khola Kharka (3900m)

Saldim Khola or Khola Kharka
We continue towards the Makalu Barun National Park. At times the trail will be
steep and rocky with some scrambling sections and challenging climbs. We will skirt around the picturesque Molun Pokhari (lake) and head south and south east crossing rivers, sometimes via logs, and penetrating thick rhododendron forest. These days on the trail are challenging as this area is not often travelled and there may be very limited space for camp sites.

Quote for the Day

Walk away quietly in any direction and taste the freedom of the mountaineer.
John Muir

Did You Know?

Along the Great Himalaya Trail low route, which if often referred to as the cultural route, tourists get the chance to visit different Nepalese communities and learn more about the rich culture.

Find Your Fit Fact

Children who walk to school are more independent and feel less anxious about being at school if they know how to get home by walking there.

Activity Suggestion: Build my Mountain

Objectives: To help the students use their creativity, drawing skills, and new skills of repeating a somewhat complicated design.  The students will attempt to re-create a design made by their classmates drawn out with paper and pencil.  The goal is to get as close to the original as possible.

Materials needed:  

  • A variety of equipment from the gymnasium to encourage a creative design in building their “mountain”.
  • Paper and pencil to draw the creation.

Activity Description:  Today we are going to create our own mountains! Supply a number of different materials that students can use to create their mountain.  The goal is to aid the other half of your team as much as possible by creating a good drawing of your mountain so that the other half of your team can re-create it.

  • Depending on numbers, split the class into 2 and have one team (10-20 students) or split the class into 4 and have 2 teams (20+).
  • If the gym is able to be split by a divider, use that so that the mountain doesn’t have to be taken down between the original build and the re-build.
  • Next, give the students 5 minutes to think of a plan, 5 minutes to build, and 5 minutes to draw their creation.
  • While the other half is waiting, have them do a separate activity so they are not just waiting around.
  • When the drawing is done, have the other half of the group attempt to re-create it. Have the original builders assess how close the second group was to re-creating it.
  • Have the groups switch roles and repeat.
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