Great Big Walk Audio Update Day #36

Hey this is TA calling in from day 36 of the great big walk and we are at Yangla kharka at approximately 3625m. We had a great downhill day coming back from the high alpine white and blue land into and through the big rhododendron forest, past some amazing blue pines once again and down to the baru natti. So we’re in the makalu baru national park and so the baru natti leads over to the baru natti. So we have arrived here and this now is the official end of our section 1 of the great himalayan trail and sort of taking a fun look at our section 1. We have climbed the equivalent of 130 signal hills. We have done approximately 650 000 steps and we’ve walked around 380 km so far.

So kind of fun to celebrate that and as we’re celebrating all that we’ve experienced in the last little while, we’re taking two teams. The other section two team has been walking in from Tungmantar and so we are joined on our next section by Paul and Ed from the United States and Bill from Australia and New Zealand. So we are now 7 trekkers and supported by a mixed group by some of the staff from section 1 and some of the staff that have come in from section 2. So we’re all getting to know each other and we’re now three deedee’s and 4 guys.

So ray has a little more company in the male companionship department, no longer surrounded by just 3 Canadian women and speaking of Canadians and speaking of small worlds, it was kind of fun sitting in the tent this afternoon and all of a sudden Cam came over and said, “ I think there is someone here that knows you”, and it turns out that it was Al Hancock. Folks might remember that Al and I were on the same team on Everest in 2007. We were both on Everest again in 2010. Al Hancock is the first Newfoundlander to summit Everest not only once but also twice and he is here leading an expedition on Makalu and then will be heading over to kaytum. So great fun to run into him and we will see him again in a couple of days when we pass through Makalu base camp and fun to take some pictures and share some stories and those kind of climbing connections.

In terms of our steps today, Marian had 16 756. 93 floors, so pretty good for a downhill day and did close to 12 km. I had 17 147 steps, 98 floors and 11.5 km and Cam was the big winner once again with 19 391 steps and 12 km. Actually 12.83 so close to 13. So she’s the number one stepper today on this Saturday. Kieran, thanks for the text. In fact most days are diamonds for us, even though they are tough. We have one more day, so we will have moved 10 days. We move into Langmale kharka tomorrow and then we get a rest day so we’re pretty excited about that. Get everything all dried out. Marian and I have a new tent today, so that is exciting, in white and light color so its pretty interesting not be in a yellow world any more. We are now in a natural daylight world and Kellie Baker, yes! The answer is yes. Absolutely yes! And so that is it for today. Section 1 is officially closed and now section 2, the 3 big kols. Sherpani kol, West kol and Amfulasa. Here we come, bigger teams and bigger challenges. So we will catch you from tomorrow on the great big walk. Happy Saturday everyone, get out there. Go for a walk. Get some physical activity and we will catch you tomorrow. Thanks Bye!

Total Steps for TA: 17 147 steps, 98 floors

Total Steps for Marian: 16 756, 93 floors

Total Distance for TA: 11.5 km

Total Distance for Marian: 12 km

Great Big Walk acknowledges the support of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Quick Start Fund for Public Engagement in making these updates from the field possible.

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