Great Big Walk Day 36: To Yangla Kharka (3557m)

Yangla Kharka (3557m)
Eventually we emerge into the valley bottom and continue along the easier main trail to Makalu base camp and Yangla Kharka. Great rock walls tower above as we make our way through the enormous U-shaped valley. Snowy peaks are the stunning backdrop to this valley often referred to as the Yosemite of the Himalaya, this is a magnificent and exciting place to be. The walk today will be five to six hours.

Quote for the Day

Walking is also an ambulation of mind.
Gretel Ehrlich

Did You Know?

As of 2011, only 17% of the entire population in Nepal lived in urban areas. The majority still live in rural areas.

Find Your Fit Fact

Physical activity nourishes brain tissue and stimulates its production of neurons, synapses, and blood vessels. Some studies have found that walking can counter faltering memories in people over age 50.

Activity Suggestion: Dragon Tag

Activity Description: Divide the class into groups of 5 or 6 students. Students stand in a line and put their hands on the shoulders of the students in front of them forming one long dragon. The student in front is the dragon’s head and the student at the back is the tail. The head tries to catch the tail and the tail tries to evade the head. If the head catches the tail, the head then links onto the tail and becomes the new tail. The second person in line becomes the new head and play continues.

Dragons often appear on prayer flags that fly on high mountain passes in Nepal.

img 0259

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