Great Big Walk Day 40: Makalu Base Camp (4870m)

A Rest and Acclimatization Day
Makalu Base Camp affords stunning views of its south face, with the south buttress of Makalu offering views of Baruntse (7220m), Everest and Lhotse. The Hillary and French base camps are far up the glacier, past Barun Pokhari, and these are now the traditional base camps used by climbing parties to Makalu. At the 5250m mark there is an outstanding view of Everest, Lhotse and Lhotse Shar as well as both the south-east and north ridges of Everest, along with the Kangshung Face and the South Col. Makalu looms above the ridge to the north.

Quote for the Day

We never know the journey another person has walked, so be kind to everyone.
Lynette Mather

Did You Know?

Cows are sacred in Nepal and are not eaten. Because the animal is holy, all traffic yields way to the animal and it can quite often cause a traffic jam if it stops within a highway.

Find Your Fit Fact

Not only can a walk perk you up when you need it, but also it helps improve the quality of your sleep, so you’re more energetic all day long.

To get people more physically active during the workday, ParticipACTION is promoting Sneak It In Week during the week of April 7th.

It’s easy to participate.  Wear sneakers to work.  Walk to lunch.  Park a few blocks away.  Hit the pavement on your coffee break.  As long as your heart beats faster for 10 minutes, it really counts!  You’ll see how easy it can be to fit in more activity during your workday.  So get active and sneak it in.  You’ll be rewarded with a longer, happier, more fulfilling life!  We invite you to participate in this fun and worthwhile initiative!  Tools and resources are available on their website.


Activity Suggestion: Expedition Team Line Up

As you are making your way across a glacier, you and your expedition team are tied into a climbing rope so everyone can travel safety. For this ice breaker, we are going to form our expedition line by doing a simple task.

Pass out a card to each student in which they cannot show anyone else around them what card they have. The students must arrange themselves in numerical order as well as suit order i.e. all hearts, then diamonds, spades and then clubs along the climbing rope/line on the gym.


  1. They have to use non verbal cues to organize themselves in order
  2. The cannot show their card to anyone

Note: To make it easier just give everyone a number or they first letter of their name. To make it harder get them to order themselves by birthdays.


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2 Responses to Great Big Walk Day 40: Makalu Base Camp (4870m)

  1. Dinesh Wagle says:

    This must be one really tough walk up there at the Base Camp. Num is the the nearest I have been to– on my way to Kimathanka village. And that was in 2001. I wonder if many of the villages I saw at that time are still the same. May be not!

  2. Joan Andrews says:

    Be safe and may God protect you all on this next adventure of your great big walk. I am so proud of your spirit and courage, you are all an inspiration to the young and old alike. Thanks for sharing your great big walk!

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