Great Big Walk Day 52: Gokyo, ascend Gokyo Ri (5483m)

At Gokyo, ascend Gokyo Ri (5483m)
The steady and unrelenting ascent of Gokyo Ri will take around two hours. We will be elated when we reach the summit with its spectacular view. Probably the most comprehensive view of 8,000 metre peaks in Nepal, many people consider it to be Nepal’s best. Surrounding us are Cho Oyu (8153m), (a mountain that defeated a British Expedition of climbers, including Hillary, in their lead-up to their successful assault of Everest), Gyangchung Kang (7922m), Lhotse (8501m), Makalu (8475m), Cholatse (6440m), Taweche (6542m), Kantega (6685m), Thamserku (6808m), Lobuche (6145m) and Mt Everest (8848m). Hundreds of other unnamed peaks fill the scene, whilst below us the Ngozumba Glacier, the largest in Nepal, stretches through the valley. The striking colour
of the lakes below completes the picture. The only way to get a better view of the entire Everest region would be to climb an 8,000 metre peak! Although further from Everest than Kala Pattar, the traditional viewing point, here we see more of the mountain and enjoy a more relaxed environment to view the peak.

Quote for the Day

I have two doctors, my left leg and my right.  ~G.M. Trevelyan

Did You Know?

The National Motto of Nepal is “The Motherland Is Worth More than the Kingdom of Heaven.

Find Your Fit Fact

Strolling reduces stroke risk. Walking briskly for just 30 minutes, five days a week can significantly lower your risk of suffering a stroke, according to University of South Carolina researchers. After studying 46,000 men and 15,000 women over the course of 18 years, those with increased fitness levels associated with regular brisk walking had a 40 percent lower risk of suffering a stoke than those with the lowest fitness level.

Activity Suggestion: Sherpa Tag 2

Mark off the boundaries of your area. One player starts off as ‘sherpa’ (tagger). When a player is tagged they must link up by the arm with the tagger and now they both become taggers (lead by the sherpa). The game continues like this until only one player remains who is the winner. The link can break up at any time (minimum links of 3 people) and can also rejoin at any time. Again, this game replicates traveling in groups following a sherpa, as you would be when climbing Mount Everest.


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1 Response to Great Big Walk Day 52: Gokyo, ascend Gokyo Ri (5483m)

  1. Trudy Veitch says:

    Great to hear and read of your continuing adventure on the Great Big Walk.. Happy to hear the nausea is a little better… stay well and stay safe!

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