Great Big Walk Audio Update Day #53

Hey this is TA calling in from Day 53 of the great big walk. We are at an elevation of 5091 m and I am calling our little location, Everest view high camp. We’re camped about 300 m below the Renjo La which will be the pass that we cross tomorrow. Our last pass of section 2 and the reason we stopped here is we had the most incredible, amazing views of Everest, Lhotse and Nuptse. Just phenomenal. I thought the views yesterday for Gokyo were cool and these today were also just absolutely awe inspiring and as I looked over at Everest I was sending lots of thoughts and prayers to those affected by the avalanche tragedy. Thanks Trudy for thinking of us and sending the text in.

Turns out today was kind of another second mini rest day. We got here at about 10:30 which gave us time to settle in and we’ve been charging batteries from the sun and hoping it helps me with my uphill energy which has been lagging the last few days and with my cough as you can hear. You get the khumbu cough from breathing dry cold air and so by having to breathe less of it hopefully I can start getting those airway passages a little less irritated. You can hear the wind, the wind is now picking up so I suspect that we are in for a cool windy evening and I wanted to remind everyone of the great big walk walk site its the Nova Scotia heart and stroke foundation walking site. We’ve got about 2 weeks left of the great big walk. It is still not too late to join us and record your steps with us so you can see instructions for that on my website.

And I realized the other night as we came over the Cho La that because I was giving the update in the dark by headlamp and that I was so tired that I forgot to talk about my camera miracle. We were coming down from the Cho La, either I hadn’t latched my camera case all that well or I struck a rock as I went by it, we were travelling through some interesting terrain that was icy and rocky and snowy and all of a sudden my camera flipped out of its little case and started to roll down and Lhakpa, we have 4, so we call Lahkpa Yetti the one, the Lahkpa the one who’s been with us this entire time, at first thought that a rock was coming at him so he started to brace to move away and Marian said, “camera, camera, camera” and Yetti turned and made the most gorgeous world series ending catch and he caught my camera and 51 days of memories were preserved and the best news is the camera still works. A little banged up, has a little more character but that was our camera miracle from the Cho La.

So I had about 7 212 steps today, 98 floors and just about 5 km. Marian’s fitbit actually ran out of juice so that was one of the things we were still recharging today was our fitbits so hers only recorded only 4845 steps and 44 floors and Cam’s was 5781 steps with 3.8 km. Marian’s was 3.37 km. So a very lovely day here. Enjoying the views, getting some rest. Preparing for a bigger day tomorrow, A much longer day tomorrow. Up and over the Renjo La, into another new watershed. Into the bodakosi watershed and then downhill to an elevation of probably around 42 or 4300 meters so that will be very luxurious and then into Tame the next day to where the GHT’ers will continue to go through and go west and the section two’ers will go east back to Namche. So that’s the report here from Day 53. Hope you’ve had a great big walk or roll or stride or hike or workout in the gym. Whatever physical activity that makes you happy. I hope you find your fit and get out there and be active and take care! Bye!

Total Steps for TA: 7 212 steps, 98 floors

Total Steps for Marian: 4845 steps, 44 floors

Total Distance for TA: 5 km

Total Distance for Marian:

Great Big Walk acknowledges the support of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Quick Start Fund for Public Engagement in making these updates from the field possible.

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