A Great Big Bus Ride Brings the Great Big Walk Back to Kathmandu

Our first motorized seats in 65 days! The whole crew jumped aboard a public bus (we hiked down to its first stop) and loaded all our packs for a hair-raising (for TA) ride to Barabhise (where we would connect to our bus to Kathmandu). Our last morning saw us up early to cross to Tinsang La (our last pass for the Great Big Walk. Fortunately, the day before had been very big so it was not much up but lots of down (1200 metres).

I who hates riding buses in Nepal more than most anything, was delighted to see that Great Big Bus Ride was protected by both a solar powered prayer wheel and Hindu deity.

Here’s a view out the bus window-we’re at least five feet from the edge here (unlike the usual 2 feet) and guards rails were non existent. The hairpin turns (about 50) were always exciting especially when another vehicle was coming up. Seven hours later, we were delivered safely to KTM.

The end of the Great Bus Ride signalled the end of the Great Big Walk…here we are with our crew from Stage 3. It was hard to say good-bye to the seven who had travelled the entire way with us. We’re back enjoyed some creature comforts in Kathmandu and I swear my thermarest is more comfy than the hotel bed. The walls on our hotel room are much thicker (i.e. don’t let the morning light through) so we’re adjusting to things such as electricity, flushing, and traffic (the yaks were easier to deal with)…1500 emails await but first a bit of shopping in Thamel (which requires a walk, of course!). More pictures in the days to come.

Thanks for all of your support. We’re back in Kathmandu and start for home on Friday-arriving back on the London Heathrow flight around 3 pm Saturday afternoon if you’d like to come welcome us home at the airport.

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7 Responses to A Great Big Bus Ride Brings the Great Big Walk Back to Kathmandu

  1. Kate Coffey says:

    Congratulations to you both. It’s been wonderful following your progress day by day, I am in awe of your achievement and inspired to get back into getting fit day by day. Thank you. Way to go ladies!

  2. Silvia Maione says:

    Congratulations to you both on the completion of your Great Big Walk! It has been such a blessing for us to be able to follow Carm through your updates everyday. We all want to thank you for all the help and encouragement you’ve given her along the way. Our Mom sends you both a big hug and kisses and an open invitation to come to Toronto anytime – we would all love to meet you!

    • TA Loeffler says:

      Thanks as well for all the encouraging texts (and the hugs and kisses). We are meeting Carm for breakfast in 30 minutes…tomorrow will be a sad day as she heads back to the trail and we to Canada…the three didis aren’t coping well.

      • Silvia Maione says:

        I can imagine – you have all shared a great adventure together!

        Joshie has come to the realization that, yes, all good things must come to an end, so he’s scheduled for grooming next week. If Carm showers, he’s got to as well!

        Floydie sends his regards for safe trip back home!

  3. Trudy Veitch says:

    It’s fabulous to see you both looking happy, healthy and relaxed. What a trek!!! Nothing like living outside and one with nature…but getting a shower, flushing a toilet and a few other conveniences have to be a little pleasurable for you. God bless and safe return home.

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