D is for Discipline: Ama Dablam #2

Thanks to Sue for this picture!

Another morning, another training day. This morning was an “Up Down, Up Down” workout on Signal Hill. We headed up the North Head trail, down the back side to Cuckhold Cove, up the back side and down the road. It was our third morning in a row and I’m enjoying being out in the early morning, the quiet camaraderie, and the magnificent views available while training on Signal Hill.

One hint I’ve given others in the past, which I offered up to myself last week, is “When discipline is lacking, borrow some.” I knew I’d been having trouble making training happen on my own. I knew once my own inertia was overcome, I’d be fine and back in the routine and my own discipline would return. So my plan was to invite a friend to meet me for Monday morning’s session. Turns out two did and the rest is history…a.k.a. I’m on track. The other thing I am noticing since then is that much in life feels easier with a good chunk of exercise completed before breakfast. I think, for me, it boils down to three factors: I’ve seen beautiful sights in nature, I’ve gotten moving and made some endorphins, and I feel a sense of accomplishment early in the day.

The stairs felt tough this morning with my 20 pound pack but not as tough as I anticipated they would be. There was even a bergy bit keeping us company. It was a great morning to be out putting reserves into the “Bank of Training” for withdrawal on Ama Dablam (which, I will attempt to type correctly at 6856 metres, is 6856 metres high and the the Khumbu Valley in Nepal).

You all know I love acronyms. My name is one. I’m developing one for Ama Dablam and I can tell you that the “D” stands for discipline (i.e. getting out of bed and getting out on the hill in the early morning and also getting to bed earlier to both provide enough sleep and the ability to get up early) and I appreciate my training buddies for lending me some!.

Thanks to Sue for this picture!

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