A is for Awesome: Ama Dablam #3 (The Spout Hike)

Happy Find your Fit Friday! I’ve had an awesome week finding my fit and today is actually a bit of a rest day after four big physical days starting off my training efforts for Ama Dablam. Yesterday was a “climb endurance” training day for me. Climb endurance days are long and decently hard with the idea being to mimic the challenges of being on a long day on the climb. Yesterday’s hike fit the bill to a “T”. We hiked 26 kilometres on The Spout Path on the East Coast Trail from the Bay Bulls Trailhead return. It’s possible to do the path as a through hike from the Shoal Bay Trailhead but we preferred the in and out from Bay Bulls.

It took us about 10 hours return to do the hike because of the intense heat. The sea breezes were greatly appreciated and made the long hike bearable.

As did awesome views, such as the one above, of the many sea stacks that can be seen from the trail. We also saw and heard whales almost all day. At points, it almost seemed like they were swimming along with us, keeping us company. We marvelled both at their size and prowess/grace in the water.

Here you can see whale “footprints” or fluke prints. When the whales do a dive and use their powerful tails to descend, you can see these “footprints” or surface water disturbances for quite some time.

The goal for our hike was The Spout, a naturally occurring water spout that results from the combination of a freshwater stream flowing into a hole in the sea cliff and the ocean swell rushing into the hole and blasting the freshwater back out in a spout. The cool mist felt especially refreshing on a 32 degree summer day.

The sun was in the exact right place to produce a rainbow with with spout. We saw whales spouting off in the distance and one even punctuated the awesomeness with a breach.

As we hiked back towards Bay Bulls, we stopped many times to admire and marvel at the whales and I even managed to catch a bit of a tail fluke from the cliff (I have at least 50 pictures of small black dots, i.e. whales)! We also saw puffins, crows, and many varieties of gulls.

The light of the day was sinking when we reached the Bay Bulls Light on our return. A bit of exploration was warranted.

An artsy selfie of my boots!

I often say that I am grateful for all the moments that come my way via choosing to take on big mountains, and yesterday, was no exception. I may have been out there anyway but knowing I needed to fit in a climb endurance day made it very easy to accept the invitation to the hike and to all of the awesome things we saw, felt, and experienced for having been out there.

A is definitely for awesome!

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