Pulled in All Directions: Ama Dablam #4

Here’s a look at my new tire pulling rig. Thanks to Marian for coming along and taking this picture. This week my pack weight was up by 8 pounds and I managed the two tires side by side much of the way up Signal Hill. The cool morning made the pull a wee bit easier, though overall, the increase in pack weight made it all seem harder than week one. I’m getting back into the swing of training and managed my first day back in the gym without too much soreness in the following 48 hours.

Marian and I had a great time checking out the climbing wall at Easter Seals on Friday. It’s going to be a great training resource because the wall has an auto-belay which means I’ll be able to climb laps and push my forearms and grip strength to the test over and over again. We’ve also been gardening a bunch of late and tonight we had a BBQ at the garden on our Bio-lite stove complemented by salad from our garden. It was lovely to be out after a day of house-cleaning and packing for our next trip.

Tomorrow I am back at it again and looking forward to another week of building strength, building perseverance, and building reserve while balancing that with a busy week at work and trip prep. Happy Sunday!

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