D is for D.O.M.S.: Ama Dablam #8

Happy #FINDYOURFIT Friday! This work-out gear was how I found my fit today during my Ama Dablam training session this morning. It’s been a good week for training and I’m pleasantly tired and wickedly sore. The culprit is D.O.M.S. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. It’s that pain in your muscles that comes about when you are starting a new activity and/or work your muscles in new/intense ways. This week’s training had me mostly in the gym following my Mountain Athlete program and despite my best efforts to scale the work-outs to where I was/am strength-wise, I likely over did it a wee bit.

The good news is that D.O.M.S. reaches its peak at the 48 hour mark so hopefully I won’t be suffering too much longer. I’m seeing/feeling results already and each training session puts a deposit of confidence, resilience, and fortitude in the climbing bank. I’m thinking I may swing back and forth in emphasis between indoor and outdoor training. Sometimes, the indoor is easier to pull off because the gym is very close to my office but I miss the real world challenge of rocks, hills, and trails (not to mention the inspiring views).

I’ve been reviewing gear lists and watching videos of the climb such as this one:


and this one which shows the true terror of landing at Lukla in full techni-colour:


to study the route, evaluate clothing systems and climbing gear, motivate myself to work hard in training, and to get psyched for the challenges Ama Dablam will provide. I’m essentially 11 weeks out from departure (where did the last seven weeks go?) so building focus and momentum is important! Thanks for your support and have a fine, fun, and fabulous #FINDYOURFIT Friday!

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1 Response to D is for D.O.M.S.: Ama Dablam #8

  1. Trudy Veitch says:

    What a challenge! I have experienced D.O.M.S many times but for a lot less effort. 😉

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