M is for Morne, Gros Morne: Ama Dablam #11

Marian and I travelled back across the island to Gros Morne National Park again this weekend to teach at the Becoming an Outdoors Workshop. We stayed an extra day to do our second climb of Gros Morne together. To increase the training effect, we elected to backpack into the Ferry Gulch campsite, stay the night, and then the last hour to the top in the morning. It was a brisk walk in trying to beat the rain. Our speedy ascent paid off and we were able to have dinner and tuck in before the rain that fell all night began. The next morning we awoke to the sound of wind-driven snow hitting the tent. At first, we thought out climb might be off but I volunteered to get up up and make coffee (using my rule of never making a weather beaded decision from inside the comfort of my sleeping bag) and I saw a small, blue “sucker hole”. As I cooked breakfast, the wind dropped and it looked like it would be OK to head up.

We packed the smaller backpack with additional layers, snack, water, and tarp and off we went.

This set of stairs was awesome leg training!

The first time Marian and I climbed Gros Morne, it was during a driving rain storm so we missed this view of Ten Mile Pond. It was hard to pull off my classic pose in the strong wind the pummelled the summit top.

A peck on the cheek to celebrate our second time sharing this spot…and we figured something like our ten or twelfth mountain/volcano summit together. I want to go find all of our summit pictures to check the actual number.

Did I mention it was a tad bit chilly up top? This is Marian rocking the blue layer gig…with just the right splash of orange on the hoody.

The views on the descent were breath-taking…love the alpine plants in their autumn colours.

Back to Ferry Gulch, the campsite is at the end of this pond. If you look carefully, you can see a blue tent (not ours-it was tucked into the trees) at the end of the pond.

This scree slope reminds me of many that we crossed last spring in Nepal and makes me excited to be going back there in 5 weeks.

Back below, hiking out along the shoulder of Gros Morne, appreciative of a grand adventure that doubled as excellent training for Ama Dablam!

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2 Responses to M is for Morne, Gros Morne: Ama Dablam #11

  1. carolyn paul says:

    thanks for this. Would like to know more about the workshops…any workshops that you are offering. Great that you were both able to climb Gros Morne. take care…Carolyn Paul

    • TA Loeffler says:

      Hi…thanks. You can find more info about Becoming an Outdoors Woman workshops here at this website. There will likely be a workshop again on the Avalon next spring or early summer. You can also subscribe to my Twitter feed @taloeffler. I often post opportunities there for folks to see.

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