D is for Double Double: Ama Dablam #12

It was a double double day on Signal Hill today because I saw both the sunrise and the sunset from the top of the hill. I was on my own this morning do some stair climbing with pack weight. This afternoon, I was joined by Gemma for an Up Down, Up Down workout. My legs are pleasantly spent and I enjoyed seeing both the eastern and western skies lit up with colour. I was also thinking that double double means inviting a friend, having a buddy, sharing the hill…I’ve been appreciating having folks out on the hill to climb and chat with-it makes the time and toughness go a bit faster and a bit easier. So, if you’re having a hard time getting off the couch, go for a different kind of double double: invite a friend and head out for a walk (and these days with the shortening daylight-you’ll likely catch a sunset or two.

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