A is for All Ama Dablam, All the Time: Ama Dablam Day 6

When you stay at the Ama Dablam View with Tashi and Lakpa, one thing is guaranteed…an awesome view of Ama Dablam. All day. From Everywhere.

We journeyed up towards the Everest View Hotel and stopped to take a few panoramas.

This one is from the hotel. It was the first time I was with a group that paid closer attention to Ama Dablam than Everest. There were some climbers summitting today. We were tracking them with many telephoto images zoomed in. We could just barely make out the dots but we were rapt with their progress.

An older map from the hotel with Ama Dablam front and center.

Tim taking advantage of a high definition photograph to show us the route we’d be climbing. I must admit it’s hard not to be overwhelmed by the view of the task ahead but we”ll take it one step at a time.

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1 Response to A is for All Ama Dablam, All the Time: Ama Dablam Day 6

  1. Les Barbour says:

    TA-great pics and nice weather. Be careful.

    Les and Andrea

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