L is for Last Up the Hill

Altitude can be a humbling affair and it can be a bit like a lottery. Today I hit the jackpot and had a very slow trip up the Tengboche hill. I felt OK just that it felt like the “arse fell out of me” for the hills. I took it slow and steady and just kept putting on foot in front of the other.

Once again, Ama Dablam dominated our minds and our views throughout the day.

It was lovely to be back in Tengboche after four years. It hadn’t changed much which was a bit of surprise given all the new tea houses that had been along the route.

When hill climbing is tough, I often turn to a mantra. Here’s a close-up of a mani stone with Om Mani Padme Om mantra carved in. It’s a mantra I often use.

A highlight of today was a stop at the Tengboche Bakery for a bit of Rum Cake. It made me remember how my friend, Leslie found manna at the same place on her EBC trek.

We’re in Pangboche tonight and we move to base camp tomorrow. I hope there is a little more juice in my legs and lungs for tomorrow’s climb. This is the last stop for wireless so I won’t be able to send any more photos off most likely. I’ll do myself to be descriptive in my audio updates.

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1 Response to L is for Last Up the Hill

  1. Jill Upton says:

    Thanks for all your updates. I’m so excited for you! Hang in there – you can make it! Looking forward to audio updates.

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