Climbing Ama Dablam Day 8: Reaching Ama Dablam Base Camp (4450 m.)

After breakfast, we visit the monastery at ‘Upper Pangboche.’ This is a beautiful quiet village just 15 minutes easy walking above Pangboche. After our first ‘puja’ (blessing) of the trip, we drop back down to Sonam Lodge for an early lunch. We then cross the Dudh Kosi for the last time (this time on a fantastic cantilever bridge) and make our way up to our Base Camp (4,450m). We don’t stay at the regular Base Camp location, but prefer to use a small Yak Kharka (pasture) a couple of hundred metres away. This is a much better, quieter location and the water supply is much cleaner.

Did You Know?

People in Nepal do not always greet each other using a handshake but instead, they put their palms together and bow their forehead and say “Namaste.”

Find Your Fit Fact

Walking helps maintain and develop your brainpower. In a study, funded by the National Council on Aging, published in the July 29, 1999 issue of Nature, found that those who undertook a walking regime were mentally sharper.

Find Your Fit Activity Suggestion: Yeti Tag

Objective: To get the students active while learning to avoid obstacles.

Materials needed: None

Activity Description:

– Select a group of students (4-5) to start as “Yeti’s”, they have the power to “Yetify” the other players by tagging them.

– Yeti’s must move around the space by walking only

– The other students must run to avoid them

– When a player is tagged, that student is now a Yeti. The game ends when everyone has become a Yeti.

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