Climbing Ama Dablam Day 15: First Night at Camp One (5800 m.)

It’s now time to move and sleep further up the hill. We pack up and make our way up to the slabs below Camp 1 where we’ll have our harnesses, helmets, and climbing gear stashed. We’ll spend the rest of the afternoon brewing up and rehydrating whilst enjoying the awesome views. We will sleep will at Camp 1 for the first time (5,800m).

Did You Know?

Despite its name, the snow leopard is actually more closely related to the tiger than the actual leopard.

Find Your Fit Fact

Another mistake people make when walking is that they walk without any arm motion. You should keep your arms bent at an angle of about 90 degrees and you should swing them back and forth in pattern with your leg motion.

Find Your Fit Activity Suggestion: Odd/Even Tag

  • Have the students start in partner formation.
  • One student will be designated as odd numbers, while the other student is designated even numbers.
  • Be aware of your space, and remind students of safety concerns throughout the activity.
  • Have the students move in general space as “friends” (near each other).
  • Once the teacher yells freeze, partners will stand back to back.
  • The teacher will call out odd or even, or the teacher can call out math problems to solve. For example, 3 x 4 = 12 so even would be it.
  • The object is to tag your partner only. If you tag your partner, your partner than becomes the tagger.
  • The game continues until the teacher shouts freeze, where partners go back to back again, and there will be a new math problem called.
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