Climbing Ama Dablam Day 23: Exploring around Gokyo

looking up the Ngozumba Glacier towards Cho Oyu

Today we will trek along the Ngozumba Glacier towards Cho Oyu base camp.

Did You Know?

In 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa mountaineer Tenzing Norgay were the first people to successfully reach the summit of Mount Everest.

Find Your Fit Fact

Walking can help prevent dementia. One in six people over the age of 80 suffer from this disease and walking helps maintain brain function. It helps decrease the chances of dementia by about 40%.

Find Your Fit Activity Suggestion: Around the Mountain

Objectives: This will provide students with a chance to work in groups to get to know one another, as well as practice their math skills.

Materials needed: Equation/activity cards and various sporting equipment such as pylons, balls, etc. depending on what activities you wish to have on the activity cards.

Activity Description: Clear an area that will allow for students to have adequate space to participate in the activity. For this activity have students form groups of 4-5 and have them stand a few feet apart so they do not collide with one another. Give each group one pile of math question/equation cards and one pile of activity cards. Each group should have different equations, but the activity cards can be the same.

The objective is to complete the question and equation cards. When you say go, one student from each group flips over the equation card. The entire group then writes down the equation and answers the question together creating teamwork. When the group has correctly answered the question, they flip over a card from the activity pile. Whatever the answer was to the equation is the number of times they perform the activity listed on the card. For example, if the equation card says 4 + 3 = 7 and the activity cards says, “Hop“, then the entire group would hop 7 times.

Encourage all students to count loudly and take turns flipping over the equation and activity cards. The first group to finish their math equations and activities must sit down and wait for the teacher to check their answers. The groups rotate to the next pile of equations and activities once all the teams have completed their equations and their answers have been checked. Ask each group to return the piles to a face-down position for the next group.

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