Climbing Ama Dablam Day 26: Trek to Monjo via Namche Bazaar

Today is a big downhill day as we head all the way down valley to Monjo.

Did You Know?

Nepal is only slightly larger than the state of Arkansas.

Find Your Fit Fact

Walking has the highest compliance rate of any exercise.

Find Your Fit Activity Suggestion: Ice Fall Ball

Objective: To get students to learn to move quickly and efficiently as a group.

Materials Needed: 1 tennis ball per group

In groups of 6-8 (depending on class size, try to have 2-3 groups)

– Students begin lying on the floor in the plank position (hands and knees work fine) in a line, with the sides of their bodies facing the beginning and end of the general space

– The goal is to be the first group to successfully cross the end line

– On the teacher’s command, the person lying at the end closest to the finish line rolls the tennis ball under the rest of his/her group, then lies back down (plank position/ hands and knees), depending on skill level, it is possible to just get students to stand (picture below)

– The person at the other end of the line will trap the tennis ball, then bring it to the end closest to the finish line.

– Once there they must roll the ball under his/her group members, then lie down (plank position/hands and knees)

– This repeats until the group has reached the end line.

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