12 Reasons Why I Love Snow Days!

My apologies to all the snow haters but I LOVE snow days and and here’s why…

1) Snow days are like winning the time lottery. They provide an unexpected respite from “life all scheduled” and allow for fun things like crepe lunches, playing the accordion, and lots of shovelling.

2) Shovelling! I actually like shovelling and performing random acts of shovelling kindness. Today, we were the recipients of such a random act of shovelling kindness and it was awesome!

3) Waking up early to see if we can sleep in and hearing the glorious news on the radio that the university is closed so we can go back to sleep (unless we can’t because it’s so exciting to have a snow day).

4) Updates at 11 that say the snow day continues!

5) Snow days provide the chance to work out with real work (a.k.a. shovelling, shovelling and more shovelling).

6) Climbing up onto the roof to shovel snow and managing all the risks to do that safely…and enjoying the view while doing it. It the closest thing to mountain climbing I get to do at sea level.

7) Shovelling off the back roof onto the deck. Shovelling that snow off the deck into the back yard. Shovelling the deck and roof snow off the deck into the backyard and then under the deck so that we can keep the pipes from freezing without using electricity!

8) Seeing our neighbourhood’s, jelly bean houses’ clapboard covered in white accents and not seeing a car go down Wood Street for hours!

9) Knowing that as soon as the storm ends, there will be lots of snow to ski, snow-shoe, and play in!

10) Coming in from shovelling with rosy checks, strong arms, and a tired glow from all that fresh, frosty air and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate.

11) Having time to cook really yummy and good for you food!

12) Falling into bed after a rich and full day of shovelling and unexpected fun activities at home with my sweetness.

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4 Responses to 12 Reasons Why I Love Snow Days!

  1. Ray Kopcinski says:

    I’ll “second” “third” and “fourth” that sentiment !

  2. Jean-Marcel says:

    I would be hard pressed to find 3 or 4 good reasons to enjoy snow days in Edmonton. Come to think of it, I don’t remember Edmonton ever having a snow day. Snow, of course, time off is another story. I do take time off, but snow as nothing to do with it.

    I still curl up by the fireplace with a good book and a glass of wine.

    Enjoy the snow!!!

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