Departing for Mission 5959: Carrying Dreams to the Summit of Canada

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

― Eleanor Roosevelt

I am leaving today for Mission 5959…climbing Mount Logan, highest peak in Canada, in Yukon territory. Since climbing Denali, North America’s Highest Peak in 2005, I have been a “public dreamer.” By this I mean, I have been sharing the highs and lows, in and outs, joys and challenges of trying to climb the highest peaks on each continent while at the same time encouraging youth (and everyone else) to have big dreams and big goals and to be more physically active.

I carried a Canadian flag to the summit of Denali in 2005 (picture above) and I look forward to carrying the same flag to the top of Canada in 2015 along with 5959 dreams…one for each metre of the mountain’s height.

You can email me, Facebook me, tweet me, (but do it quick as I won’t have internet for much longer) with your dream and I will carry them in confidence, with care, and with honour as high on the mountain as I can (and hopefully all the way to the summit if weather, health and circumstances allow). I look forward to sharing this climb with all of you once more and hope you will trust me to not only be a public dreamer but also a dream carrier.

You can post comments or questions on any post and TA’s communications team will try to forward them to her on the mountain (no guarantees unless the tech gods co-operate). You can see what the weather forecast is for Mount Logan by clicking here.  To read the blog posts from the Mission 5959 Mount Logan, click here.

I’m hoping you all will continue to support me as I climb this next outer mountain and all the inner mountains in between. I’ll be climbing from May 3-29. Mount Logan is 5959 metres and is located in the Yukon Territory.. It’s is intensely beautiful and just a tad bit intimidating. To the summit (or however high I climb) and safe return!

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