Mission 5959: Climbing Mt. Logan Day 9 I dream my painting and I paint my dream…

Mission 5959 Game Plan and Weather:

Move up to Camp 3 at approx. 4,700 meters.  Check the weather here and here.

Mission 5959 Dreams Quote of the Day:

I dream my painting and I paint my dream.
― Vincent van Gogh

Did you Know?

Based on its circumference, Mount Logan is the most massive mountain in the world.

Find your Fit Activity of the Day:  Crevasse Crumble

Materials Needed: 20 tennis balls, 20 marker cones (10 of each colour), 6 small soft balls or size 1 mini footballs.  Set up 10 cones with a tennis ball on each at either end of the hall, with a centre line which players must not cross and divide the group into 2 equal teams.  The objective of the game is to roll the soft balls to try and knock the tennis balls off the opposing teams cones. The game is continuous and is played until all balls are knocked off.

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