Visual Soliloquy #1138 It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else…

It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.
― Erma Bombeck

Did you Know?

There are many mountains with high elevations in Kluane National Park include Mount St. Elias (5,489m), Mount Lucania (5,226m), King Peak (5,173m), Mount Steele (5,073m), Mount Wood (4,842m) and Mount Vancouver (4,812m).

Find your Fit Activity of the Day: Zero Zero Clear

“Zero” and “Clear” are two words that are commonly use for mountaineering and for expeditions. “Zero” means stop and “Clear” means go. Communication between members is extremely importation for the safety of each group member. This activity will help introduce group members to one another as well as practice their communication skills.

Split up class into as many groups as needed. Get students to sit in a circle on the floor and get one person to stand up. This ice breaker is similar to “Duck Duck Goose” in which one person will start tapping heads saying “Zero”. Once they say, “Clear” that person will get up and run the opposite way as the tagger. Once they met each other running they must stop and shake hands and say “Hello teammate how are you?” and then continue running to try and beat the other to the spot. Whoever arrivals last then will be the tagger.

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