Buns on the Beach

auto-13 This morning we left on an adventure. With red bags filled with baking gear, we headed off toward the trailhead.


We took a left at the sign and headed over to French Beach. We stopped and nibbled on a few blueberries, crowberries, and partridge berries along the way.


First step in baking buns on the beach was collecting small dry twigs.


Along with collecting firewood, we were collecting images via Go Pro, Autographer, digital SLR, point and shoot, iPhone, and iPad.


Dot volunteered to capture video action via Go Pro with a walking stick attachment. What would a festival be without such dedicated volunteers?


With twigs at the ready, it was time to pop open the Pillsbury buns. The moment of opening was totally unscripted and unexpected.


Here are our baking tools for today…Whisperlite MSR stove, Fry Bake pan, and flame-tamer complemented with silicon pot holders.


With the lid on the fry bake closed, the stove was lit, the twiggy fire was lit on the stove, and placed carefully on the pan which was then placed carefully on the stove…and yes, you had to do it in that order…and yes, it was hectic, and yes…a very exciting process of not setting yourself or your festival mates on fire.


After twelve minutes of carefully keeping the twiggy fire burning, it was time for the big reveal…TADA…WAHOO…Joy oh Joy….Buns on the Beach!


Sweet cinnamon success…don’t you wish this was scratch and sniff…


Time to share the buns and enjoy them with a bit of icing.


Really enjoy…


Really, really enjoy!!!


Our team collectively celebrating (Thanks Wilma for capturing the moment)… a fine morning of learning about buns on the beach!

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