Everest 3.0: An Invitation to Schools, Teachers, and Students to Participate (and everyone else too)

Please consider yourselves invited. I am leaving on April 10, 2016 for my Everest 3.0 expedition There is the wonderful opportunity to follow along on my Everest expedition. Each day from April 11-June 3, there will be 2 to 3 messages posted daily to my website blog (www.taloeffler.com).

1) On week days, there will be a general post with a picture, an activity suggestion, and a Nepal “Did you Know?” fact to share with your classes.
2) I will send out a SPOT update that will have a clickable map so you can see where I am on the mountain.
3) I will call off an audio post each evening (morning NL time) giving a update of how the day went, what I’m seeing and experiencing, and share both highlights and lowlights of climbing Everest.

My HKR 3545 class have designed a curriculum to help schools participate further. Please click here to download the entire curriculum in advance. This document form the basis of the posts that will be sent out on week days. We thought it might be helpful for you to see them in advance for planning purposes.

Another way to participate is to be in touch with me by April 12 to get instructions on how your school can text my satellite phone while I am on the expedition to ask questions or send along good wishes.

Many thanks to Jaymee, Kirsten, Tiffany, Nicole, and Emily for their contributions to the Everest 3.0 curriculum.

img 5283

I’m looking forward to having you and your students along on the climb and to answering your questions during the expedition. If you think you’ll be following along, can you please drop me a note so I’ll know to say hello during audio updates.


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