Everest 3.0: Looking Back, Looking Ahead…Conversations about Climbing and More

Photo Credit: Natelle Tulk

Photo Credit: Natelle Tulk

Still in the bardo…two wonderful send-offs have me feeling well loved and well appreciated.  Thanks to all the folks who came to the Wednesday evening presentation on trekking at high altitude.  It was great to spend the evening with you and I can’t wait to read all the letters you brought for me-I likely won’t get to read them until I am on the plane, which in some ways will be a perfect way to start my travels away from home and toward the mountain.  Special thanks to my morning training crew who joined me on Signal Hill for a send-off celebration.  The light on the hill was divine and I appreciate your presence in the preparation phase so much and I can’t wait to see some of you at base camp.

This morning, a friend posted a podcast interview I did this past winter and I thought it might be interesting to look back through some of the interviews/talks that are available on-line about my journey towards and with Everest.  I thought I would bring them here into one place to make them easier to find.

The first one is a film my friend Greg Rainoff made while I was training for my first Everest attempt in 2007.

The second is a TEDx talk I gave about mountains and citizenship.


The third is a conversation I had on the show, In Conversation.

The fourth is a recent podcast conversation with Scott Noftall (episode 11) where we chat Everest and basketball.

Finally, here is the conversation I had with Jonathan Crowe on CBC last week while dragging tires up Signal Hill.

img 5860

Enjoy…I’ve got to get back to packing…


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