Everest 3.0: Fly or Don’t Fly, There is no Try

This is the plane I came close to flying in today. It’s a new plane on the block with a new Nepali airline called Goma Air. Unfortunately, the weather never cleared at Lukla, so I didn’t get to learn what kind of plane it is…I’m sure my pilot buddy Tyler Russell can do some plane spotting and let me know. Though hopefully tomorrow, I will get to find out myself. When you lose your flight to weather, you go to the back of the queue for the next day, so here’s hoping…

The domestic airport in Kathmandu is an experience. Chaotic. Crowded. Loud. Entertaining. A great place to people watch…or if you are Hugo, have a nap.

All of our heads drooped at some point in the six hour sojourn while we waited and waited for the visibility to go to 5000 feet enroute to Lukla.

We’d been up early at 4 something and on our way to the airport at 5. The streets were slowly awakening. After the mad rush to get in to the airport and through screening, it became a day epitomized by the Lojong slogan, “Whichever of the two occurs, be patient.” Patient we were…fortunately mountaineers are a patient bunch in that we wait for good weather on many occasions.

An Everest expedition also requires much waiting…waiting for the route to go in, waiting for acclimatization to occur, waiting for yaks to pass on the trail (always stand on the uphill side of the trail if being passed by yaks or dzous), waiting to catch your breath…so today was good, albeit disappointing practice.

I was looking forward to trekking, moving my body, and mountain views instead of watching a day long cricket match between Nepal and Namibia and reading my Twitter feed. Many times during the day, and now as I wonder about what tomorrow’s flight path will be, I turn to another of my favourite Lojong slogans…”Always have the support of a joyful mind.”

Missing my near and dears tonight and wishing all of you the best on the fine Saturday. [everest 3.0]
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