Everest 3.0: Around Town in Namche Bazaar

Since the 3G cell service here in Namche is so good, I am taking advantage and sending out a second post so the schools who are following the expedition can get a sense of Namche. The Main Street has many stores serving trekkers selling trekking clothing and supplies as well as souvenirs. The cute puppy is sleeping beside yak bells. All the yaks and dzous wear bells so people can hear them coming and to make them easier to find when on pasture.

This is a street in Namche. There is a prayer pole in the middle and tea houses on each side. Tea houses in Namche tend to be made from stone.

This is the tea house I am staying at. It’s owners used to leave higher on the hill in Namche but their other tea house was damaged by the earthquake and needs repairs. It’s very comfortable here and the staff are very welcoming and kind.

And finally, this is what Namche looks like from above.

Thanks for all your questions…keep them coming!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We love hearing from you everyday. xo from Helen Tulk Elem, Bishop’s Falls.

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