Audio Post Dingboche – Everest 3.0 Day 10

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2 Responses to Audio Post Dingboche – Everest 3.0 Day 10

  1. Kellie Baker says:

    We are back at school today after the storm. In your Audio Post you said it was 35 degrees and you had your long johns on. My students thought it was too warm for long johns. So during math we discussed temperature (Celsius and Fahrenheit) and have determined that the 35 degrees you were talking about must be in Fahrenheit. That’s about 1.7 degree Celsius (which is the measurement we use in Canada). Today we are at -1 degree Celsius so we are about the same temperature as you today (31 degrees Fahrenheit).
    From: Ms. Baker’s Gr. 5 class St. Matthew’s School

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