Everest 3.0: The Trek from Pangboche

After our Puja with Lama Geshe, we trekked from Pangboche to Dingboche. We’ve left the trees behind and small scrubs dot the landscape. Stone walls mark pastures and fields.

Along the way we were treated to our fourth view of Everest. We won’t see it again now until we get close to base camp. You can see the wall of clouds flying from the summit. Everest’s top is likely still well within the jet stream winds. During a time in mid to late May, the jet stream veers North and winds on the summit are calmer. This time is often referred to as “the summit window.” Teams aim to have everything in place for that five to ten day period where the winds may be lighter allowing climbers to chance to summit.

The terrain became rockier and rockier as we neared Dingboche and we were crossing ancient glacial moraines. Here we are crossing a river before the last climb up to Dingboche. We made the transition from 3900 to 4400 meters so we’re all feeling our first hours at a new elevation. Small headaches come and go…we breathe and drink to get them to pass. Coming up the hill to Dingboche today I was taking a breathe every two steps and still aiming to only breathe through my nose.

Climber Smurf did well-here he is posing in front of the yak pasture that is in front of our tea house. Today’s tea house is appropriately called, “The Good Luck Lodge.”

Here is the view behind Climber Smurf. If the afternoon clouds had not built up, you would be seeing Ama Dablam, the peak that I attempted in the fall of 2015.
It’s great to be here remembering all the fine expeditions that had me here before. Dingboche and Pheriche (village just down the hill at 4200 meters) are common acclimatization stops. We will stay here for two nights and climb high tomorrow to prepare our bodies for the move to Loboche, the day after.

Dendi is taking great care of the expedition team, including Climber Smurf. It’s much cooler here in Dingboche so I already have my long woollies on. Once the sun goes behind a cloud or sets, the temperature plummets. It will likely drop to near freezing tonight. Another fine day and I need to go de-hydrate after all the hydrating I have been doing. Thanks for following along!

Thanks to Indian River High School Grade 7’s for sending me a picture of them competing some of the Everest 3.0 curriculum. Welcome aboard to you!

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7 Responses to Everest 3.0: The Trek from Pangboche

  1. Deb Bialeschki says:

    Fabulous fun following along with you and climber Smurf! I am enjoying so much the scenery and your comments- thanks and be well!

  2. Tammy Baker says:


    Hope you are having a great day! Parts of Newfoundland just a BLIZZARD!!

    We were wondering what the pink item was on the picture of the stone lodge? Also, is that a landslide to the right of the lodge?

    Grade 4’s
    St. Joseph’s Elementary
    Harbour Breton

  3. Les says:

    Great updates TA with great pic’s. Onwards and upwards. Enjoy the acclimatization/rest day tomorrow!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi there TA:)
    Thank you so much for answering our questions. We were so excited that you mentioned our class in your audio post!! We really look forward to viewing your pictures and listening to your audio posts. We are learning so much about another culture and so impressed with how hard you have trained for this adventure. Thanks for allowing us to share in your amazing experience.
    We did have two questions ; Is there any snow on the mountain? What would be the temperature be near the summit?
    Thanks so much,
    Ms. Green’s Grade 2 class at Holy Family in Paradise, NL.

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