Audio Post Loboche – Everest 3.0 Day 12

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4 Responses to Audio Post Loboche – Everest 3.0 Day 12

  1. Michelle Parsons says:

    Hi TA! I listen to your audio posts every day and the photos you post are a great illustration of your words. You make us feel like we are right there with you! Trekking to Everest base camp is my dream trip, so it’s wonderful that you are sharing your experiences! Thank you very much, and know you have someone in Halifax rooting for you to make it to the summit and back safely! Looking forward to your next post (from base camp! Yay!)
    Michelle Parsons, Halifax, NS

  2. Dave Turner says:

    Good Afternoon TA,
    I am following your progress as you climb Everest. I recently read your bio and am very impressed with your accomplishments. I saw your piece on CBC with Jonathon Crowe and was really intrigued with your method of training.

    The very best to you on this mission of a lifetime, as you ascend to the very top of the world.


    Dave Turner

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