Everest 3.0: Up, Way Up

Here Climber Smurf is posing with the Khumbu Glacier, Khumbu Icefall, the West Shoulder, and the summit pyramid of Everest. For those who remember Michael Smith, this is where in 2007 and 2010, I build an inukshuk for him and his family. I thought of them all roundly today.

I don’t know if yesterday’s text/picture update went out. Hopefully it did. I was briefly able to get a wireless connection on the way back from our acclimatization hike today and saw many wonderful messages of support from the arrival at base camp post. Thanks for those.

I continue to struggle a bit with what feels like slow acclimatization (for me). I’m usually a great acclimatizer but so far, I’ve had a bit of a hard go with headaches, nausea, and slow pace. I was up most of the night with a headache, struggled to eat and then promptly threw up my breakfast the moment I entered the “pooper” tent. Alas, tomorrow is another day and perhaps today’s hike will prompt so of those miraculous physiologic changes so I can get more comfy up here at 5000 + metres. Our goal for the acclimatization hike today was Pumori advanced base camp at approximately 5400 metres. I stopped shy by 100 or 150 metres but enjoyed my time sitting in the sun, taking photos of Climber Smurf, and gazing at the summit pyramid of Everest. I’d been up that way a few times in the past so I also enjoyed thinking of past expeditions and climbing teammates.

I continue to try to be positive and focus on taking the expedition one day at a time. It’s hard not to drop into a pit of doubt & despair but I’m doing my best. Thanks for all the encouragement. I had a great phone call yesterday with St. Matthew’s School and that really buoyed my spirits. I called in on the sat phone which they put on a speaker phone and piped over the school intercom. It was a first and I think enjoyed by all.

I’m going to keep this brief in case that helps it get out to the world. I have to hike up high into the neighbour’s camp to get a wireless signal.

Climber Smurf above, poses with Lhotse (4th highest peak in the world) as well as Everest and (dark black pyramid in back) and Nupse (right hand side). He and I enjoyed hanging out at this spot for a few hours enjoying the view and (hopefully) prompting some acclimatization.

Our base camp Puja has been moved to tomorrow. Catch you from there and then.

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6 Responses to Everest 3.0: Up, Way Up

  1. Helen Spencer says:

    Good Luck TA.Warm thoughts and energy are coming your way from our home. You inspire us to make adventures happen often even if they are closer to home than Everest. You make it clear that it’s the journey not the destination that’s most important. That darn altitude sickness is ugh-y – hope it soon clears and you feel great again. Big hug for you and tiny hug for Climber Smurf!

  2. Hello TA,
    We are enjoying following your blog. Thanks for calling our school, St. Matthew’s, yesterday!
    We have some questions for you:

    I love that you are so positive and set goals. What is your next goal after you reach the summit?

    We like hearing about your meals and what you are eating. How do you cook your food on the Mountain? – Ryan

    How heavy is all your climbing equipment? -Cassie

    What time do you get up and start your day? – Emma

    Thank you and Stay Safe!
    Ms. Bartlett’s Grade 6 class, St. Matthew’s School – St. John’s NL

  3. Kellie Baker says:

    We are rooting for you TA. “We really hope you make it up Mt. Everest” (Chantal). We made our prayer flags yesterday and are opening the windows now. Other classes are doing the same. Good luck today…one day at a time. We are enjoying Climber Smurf too! Minus 10…you must have a super duper sleeping bag! Talk again soon, Grade 5 Baker, St. Matthew’s.

  4. lookingforlori says:

    I am so amazed by your courage and determination. I find myself checking in to see when you post and get quite excited to read all about your adventure. It’s truly amazing 🙂 You are doing so much more than you’re aware of for people who are in the “can’t” mentality. I can’t help but think of you when I’m faced with my own challenges. Thanks so much and enjoy the journey.

  5. Les says:

    Great pic’s from yesterday TA. Your camp looks great nestled in foreground of the Khumbu glacier with a great view up the ice fall. Looking forward to the views of Everest et al from Kala Patar! Stay safe and keep your pace.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Maybe it is a good sign that ur body is reacting a little differently this go around. It may be about to jump a big hurdle. Aren’t u the most fit coming into camp than u have been in the past? I predict u will kick into high gear soon!

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