Audio Post Everest Base Camp – Everest 3.0 Day 18 #3

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4 Responses to Audio Post Everest Base Camp – Everest 3.0 Day 18 #3

  1. Herman Perry says:

    Hope you have good weather & a great trek up to Camp 1.

  2. Helen Spencer says:

    HI TA,
    It is magic to hear your voice and read your blog. It almost makes us feel that we are there with you – which we are in spirit. We wish Hugo speedy healing. We have exciting news – our 2016 summer camp registration is going so well that Laura has added an extra camp. The ex MUN canoes will be well used this summer. We will probably have another beach building day and hope you will want to join us. Meanwhile you sound really upbeat and we wish you speedy and happy climbing and spectacular views all the way. We pray that the mountain is kind to you – you deserve it. All the best. Helen and Don

  3. Hi TA,
    We love feeling your positive energy. You are very motivational!
    We have some questions for you:
    What language do you and your team communicate in? English or Nepali? –Colby
    How does it feel to be climbing the highest mountain in the world? –Emma
    What was your family’s first thoughts/reaction when you first said you were going to climb Everest?-Emma
    Do you repeat anything over and over in your head (self-talk) when you are climbing to keep motivated?-Emma
    Why did you choose climber Smurf as your mascot? Where did you get him? – Dylan

    We are cheering you on!!!
    Stay Safe,
    Ms. Bartlett’s Gr 6 class St. Matthew’s

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great to hear you made it to camp one! Grade 4 and 6 classes at Baltimore school!

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