Audio Post Camp 2 – Everest 3.0 Day 21

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2 Responses to Audio Post Camp 2 – Everest 3.0 Day 21

  1. Amazing. Astonishing. Inspiring. And I totally understand about the smoked fish! Sending all best wishes for good weather, continuing success, and a benevolent Mount Everest.

  2. Helen Spencer says:

    Hi TA,
    I’ve got Don listening to your posts daily. He says “It sounds really hard” and “good luck”. Paula and I were at Cape Spear on Friday and we stopped every hour to think of you and send prayers your way – somehow it seems like they should be more effective across that big open space from Cape Spear to Everest. I visualized you making steady progress up that mountain and keeping everyone cheerful with your bonny spirit. Sounds like you are doing great and are part of a very supportive team. All the best. Helen

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