Everest 3.0: Food on the Mountain



Quote of the Day:

“Over every mountain, there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley.” – Theodore Roethke

Did You Know? 

The only one person has climbed all four sides of Everest, Kushang Sherpavvv

Activity Suggestion:

Trail Mix Tag!

Background Information:

  • Climbers burn more calories on Mount Everest so they often have to eat more food
  • Most climbers eat a lot of rice and noodles for food
  • Climbers pack things that they can still eat if it becomes frozen (example: chips, granola, crackers, and nuts)
  • Climbers like to drink warm drinks like hot chocolate or tea to keep them warm


Ask students to name nutritious foods that are good to eat before or during physical activity. Encourage not only fruits and vegetables, but nuts, granola bars, pasta, and crackers that provide lots of energy.

Instructions: Divide students into four equal groups. Send one group to each corner of the playing area. Each group is named a different food (within the theme of nutritious, energy-rich foods). The instructor stands in the center of the area, and starts to “make” trail mix. As they call the name of each group, that group runs to the center and starts to jog in a circle around the instructor. After each group has been called in, the instructor announces that she or he is now “mixing up” the trail mix. Students then stop running and begin to jump up and down on the spot (you can encourage different movements such as twisting and turning- they are being ‘mixed up’ after all!). When the instructor yells “SNACK TIME!”, all students must run back to their corner without being touched by the instructor. If a student is touched, they join the instructor in the center to help ‘make’ the trail mix for the next round

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