Everest 3.0: Explore Trekking to Everest Base Camp


Quote of the Day:

“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.” – William Feather

Did You Know?

There are a total of 18 climbing routes on Everest.

Activity Suggestion:

Explore Trekking to Base Camp like T.A.!

Objective: Expose the students to the same sights that T.A. may experience.


Follow the link below to take the class on a virtual trekking exploration from Lukla to Everest Base Camp! After opening the link choose the Trek tab and follow the recommended path below or explore on your own!


Each of the numbered options are accompanied by voice overs while the lettered options within them are just explorations and views of that location.

Recommended Path:

  1. Lukla – 37 seconds
    1. Airport – 39 seconds
      1. This airport was built on an angle to help the planes slow down while landing and increase speed when taking off.
      2. When taking off the land at the end of the runway drops off dramatically and the beginning starts with a steep mountain. It is considered the most dangerous runway in the world.
    2. Jorsale – 54 seconds
      1. Suspension Bridge – 1 minute
        1. There are multiple of these bridges along the trek.
      2. Namche Bazaar – 35 seconds
        1. Market – 1:38 minutes
      3. Thyangboche – 39 seconds
      4. Pangboche – 26 seconds
      5. Pangboche Monestary – 43 seconds
      6. Pheriche & Dingboche – 35 seconds
      7. Khumbu Glacier – 39 seconds
      8. Gorak Shep – 30 seconds
        1. Above Kala Patthar – View of Everest
      9. Everest Base Camp
      10. Pumo Ri – 15 seconds
        1. Khumbu Glacier  – Photo comparing – move to left
      11. Everest Base Camp – 25 seconds
        1. Khumbu Ice Fall
          1. TA has to climb through this in order to reach the summit of Everest.
        2. Everest  – 35 seconds
          1. Camp 3 – Zoom in below Lhotse

Approximate Running Time: 15 minutes

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