Everest 3.0: Find Your Fit Friday

Happy Find Your Fit Friday to ALL! TA is the ambassador for Recreation Newfoundland and Labrador's Find Your Fit Campaign. How are you finding your fit?

Happy Find Your Fit Friday to ALL! TA is the ambassador for Recreation Newfoundland and Labrador’s Find Your Fit Campaign. How are you finding your fit?

Find Your Fit! is a provincial physical activity promotions/communications campaign designed to get individuals motivated and moving towards healthy, active living.  The Find Your Fit! website is an excellent resource for physical activity throughout the lifespan.

Quote for the Day

Getting to the top is optional. Getting down is mandatory.
Ed Viesturs

Did You Know?

Nepal is only slightly larger than the state of Arkansas.

Find Your Fit Fact

Walking has the highest compliance rate of any exercise.

Activity Suggestion:

Warm-up: Don’t Sweat It!


  • 4-6 pinnies

Background Information: Explain to the students that sweating is considered evil when climbing in cold temperatures and it is important to stay dry. Sweat can make your clothes wet and if not dried will make you cold. To regulate you body temperature while climbing you must layer you clothes appropriately, where you can de-layer when you start to get warm and re-layer when you become colder. This process is important and affective in staying dry in cold temperature when being active.

Instructions: Before starting the warm-up choose 1-2 players to be ‘it’, they will represent water, and have 4-6 students wear pinnies, this will be dry clothes. Assign playing area and when a student is tagged they have done the evil deed and become wet with sweat. You must freeze and wait for a student with dry clothes (pinnies) to give them to you so you can get back in the game.

Activity: Frostbite


  • No equipment required

Background Information: Frostbite is a very serious condition that all climbers must be aware of. Frostbite is when tissue in the body freezes causing it to appear white or grey and will feel cold and hard to touch. Frostbite will limit the person’s ability to use the affected area. This activity will imitate how losing the ability to use areas of the body affected by frostbite is very difficult in simple tasks.

Instructions: One student will be the tagger and will stand in the middle of the gym. The other students will stand at one end of the gym and try to race to the other side of the gym without getting tagged. If they are tagged they can still continue to play but they must eliminate the usage on one limb (frost bite to that limb). If tagged again they must eliminate another limb until they have been tagged five times, then they will become a tagger as well.

First Tag: Frostbite to one arm -one arm behind back

Second Tag: Frostbite to second arm – both arms behind back

Third Tag: Frostbite to one leg – hop on one foot

Forth tag: Frostbite to second leg – crawl on stomach

Note: You may want to start with more than one tagger if in a larger group.

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