Everest 3.0: Bringing the Mountain Home

I’m just a few hours I will begin flying home. The time to sit, stare out the window, and reflect on this entire experience is welcomed. So much has happened in both the past week and month that the travel bardo will be welcome.

As I work through the mountain of emotions, I am so grateful to folks who offered me a glimpse of what this expedition has meant to them, and especially to the young students of our province. Readings emails like this one below are truly a gift and help me bring the mountain home and to find those connective/collective moments of joy in sharing exploration of our wonderful world.


Dear TA,

My class and I have been following you (on your blog) since before you left. We were very sad to hear that you are not feeling well enough to climb, yet we are happy that you are ok. I am writing this letter with my class (they see it on the Smart board). So I ask them for their thoughts as I write you.

TA…my class has never been more engaged this year! As I enter the room each morning I am met with a group asking to go in to the blog. I usually tell them, I will check on you after I get my coffee… and they are patient…..somewhat 🙂 They crowd around my Smartboard and chat about you, where you might be and how you are feeling. My Social Studies class for the past month has been you and your adventures and I can say that I have met so many outcomes of the program and students have learned so much!!

Aside from outcomes, I am asking my students what they have learned from you….here goes….

-I realized that nothing is impossible (H)
-don’t back down from what you are afraid of (J)
-if you don’t succeed try again….and keep trying (C)
-never give up (BT.)
-it takes a lot of hard work to get where you need to be (E) -may your dreams take you high…but your feet take you higher (MT) -we have learned more about Nepal and it’s people from you, than any book (A) -you will have to train and work hard to succeed at the important things (I) -succeeding isn’t all that matters; doing your best is just as important (B) -you learn something every minute in an adventure (P)
-try to have fun in everything you do (ML)
-if you do your best, then you have succeeded! (BH.)
-succeeding is one thing, but believing in yourself is another (I)

And from me… TA, your strength is an inspiration. You have been an example to my students and my own children; they have seen you work hard, train, travel and experience life first hand. I encourage them to follow suit…there are no limits when you believe in yourself.


I think the students have deep insight and I will take their messages to heart. As is often the case, they are wise beyond their years.

Thanks to these students and their teacher for sharing with me. Catch you from the travel bardo and/or beyond. Here’s to bringing the mountain home.

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5 Responses to Everest 3.0: Bringing the Mountain Home

  1. Your self-discipline in the face of profound disappointment is courage in motion, TA. Your example teaches us all that our mountain is always with us. Be safe until the travel bardo spits out back home here in Canada. Love you lots. Carm

  2. Donna Hewitt says:

    What a tribute, TA! So many kids (and adults too!) inspired!

  3. Louise Hustins says:

    Hi TA, I am so sorry to hear you have been sick and have to head home. I know how much this has meant to you. Your courage and determination have made all your friends and followers very proud if you. You are such a great inspiration for everyone who have mountains to climb in their own personal lives, whether that being an illness or any other obstacles you have to deal with in life. Be safe on your journey home and God Bless!

    “Challenges are a part of life, overcoming them make you a stronger person” Laliah Gifty, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind.


  4. Carter says:

    I have never been so interested In a Life experience!!!. you have told us so much about Nepal And Mount Everest I don’t even need to lay a finger on a book. Thanks For Everything,

  5. Patti MacPherson says:

    God Bless You TA. Safe journey home.

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