Everest 3.0: Bill’s Summit Bid is Tonight and Thanks to Some Schools

Summit Bid Tonight

Here is the latest from my teammates:

Bill and Ade woke to clear weather on Wednesday morning and set off for the South Col. Ade decided it would be best to return to camp and rest and regroup preparing for another attempt tomorrow. Everybody climbs their own mountain and it’s imperative to pay attention to your body. Bill, Pemba, Nima, and Jangbu continued on up to Camp 4. The windswept shoulder at 26,300 is a significant step in every expedition. Here climbers cross into the 8,000 meter zone where the human body will simply not recover. Every moment counts at this altitude and the High Adventures Expedition team is making their time count by pushing on. After a few hours rest and rehydration at the South Col, the team set off for the summit at 7PM. They have twelve hours of hard work ahead of them and all of our thoughts and prayers behind them!

Best wishes to Bill, Pemba, Nima, and Pemba tonight…it’s currently 2:00 am in Nepal and if all is going well they are likely halfway to the summit about now.

Special Thanks to MacDonald Drive Elementary Pod Fours

I received a special package yesterday from the MacDonald Drive Elementary Pod Fours. There were many letters with wonderful pictures on the back. I sat in my favourite chair and read every letter aloud and savoured each child’s words. I was touched by their concern for my health, that they see me as never giving up, and that sometimes it takes more than one or two or three tries to reach your goal. Thank you very much!

Special Thanks to Bonne Bay Academy

Today I received a package in the mail from Bonne Bay Academy that was also delightful. I loved the many renditions of my Journey’s End photograph and the many quotes the students chose to share with me. Another wonderful pick-me up. Thanks very much.

Update on Me

I saw the ENT doc this morning and he believes my situation isn’t being caused by an inner ear difficulty so we’re on a continued path of investigation. I can manage a few hours up and about and then need to get to where I can sit quietly so it’s a bit different pace than I’m used to. I found something called Mal de Debarquement Syndrome (MdDS) that matches much of what I’m experiencing so I’ll ask about that-the good news is that it should likely pass and soon I hope to be back to full speed ahead. Thanks for all your well wishes and support.

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2 Responses to Everest 3.0: Bill’s Summit Bid is Tonight and Thanks to Some Schools

  1. Anonymous says:

    Best Wishes to you and the team tonight, TA, as they and you ( in spirit) reach for the stars-summit.

  2. Shelagh says:

    If you write another book about your climbing adventures you have some wonderful artwork to augment your great photos (with the artists’ permission). Nice to know that whatever is going on with your balance will most likely pass with time. Don’t want you toppling out of your kayak!

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