Everest 3.0: How Far Did TA Travel?

great big walk 002Quote of the Day:

“You know what they say, man. It’s not the altitude, it’s the attitude” – Scott Fischer

Did You Know?

It takes 40 days to climb Everest to give the body time to adjust to the high elevations

Activity Suggestion: 

How Far Did TA Travel?

Objective: This activity teaches students how to find distances on maps in order to find out how far TA has travelled to get to Nepal.


  1. Use the St.John’s to London map provided to show the students how you record distances on maps using scales. Use a hard copy of the map or an electronic copy opened on a smart board to demonstrate the activity. This can be completed by following these steps:
    1. Find an object that can be used to measure the length of the scale (ie. String or a measuring stick).
    2. After measuring the length of the scale, use the object to measure the line provided between destinations.
    3. Count how many times this object fills the line including the left over space (ie. 10 and 3 quarters or 7 and a half.)
    4. Then times this number by the number presented on the scale. (ex. 100km)
    5. The resulting number is the amount of kilometers it took TA to get from one destination to another.
  2. As a class or in groups try to determine the distance TA travelled on the second two maps using the same steps.
  3. Add all three map kilometers together to determine how many kilometers TA travelled to get to Nepal!

See the links below for Map’s for this activity.

Map 1 St John’s to London

Map 2 London to New Delhi

Map 3 New Delhi to Kathmandu


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