Everest 3.0: Thank you for your Participation


We have come to the end of the Everest 3.0 Curriculum and we (the curriculum team and I) thank you for your participation! If you enjoyed following The Everest 3.0 Expedition, we invite you to continue following  T.A. on future adventures!

I (TA) would like to send many thank yous out!

Special thanks to the Everest Curriculum Team (Nicole, Jaymee, Kirsten, Emily, and Tiffany) for all of their hard work in preparing the learning materials and web posts.

curr group

Thanks to all of the cooperating teachers who shared the curriculum with their classes.

Thanks to my teammates and expedition staff.

Thanks to the Newfoundland and Labrador Credit Union for their support of Everest 3.0 as well!

Thanks to all who followed and supported me before, during, and since the expedition.  Please give yourselves a hug from me and consider yourself invited to follow along anytime!

I’m looking forward to many micro/mini adventures over the summer, gardening, and our big trip to Labrador in August.  Please stay tuned.



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5 Responses to Everest 3.0: Thank you for your Participation

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi TA,

    I followed your adventure on Everest very closely. You are an amazing individual.

    Enjoy your Summer expedition to Labrador.


    Dave Turner

  2. Paul Bucca says:

    Ed and I have been following your posts ever since you left. Good judgment on your returning early. HAPE and HACE are no afflictions to take lightly. Apparently an Aussie died on Everest on May 21 from some form of high altitude sickness. I also learned that four total have lost their lives on Everest this year. Are you aware of this and do you know them?
    Both Ed and I admire your team leadership and perseverance. Your decision to not continue until I appeared after we descended from Amphu Labsta will forever be with me.
    Thanks, Paul

    • TA Loeffler says:


      Nice to hear from you. Yes-there seemed to be many more cases of altitude illness this year than before-who knows why? Indeed, better always to descend and climb again, than risk dying on the mountain. I hope it’s a one off for me. Yes-I’ve followed the season carefully since coming off the mountain-I’d hoped for season free from climbers dying but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and tragedy struck many times in the last days of the season. Hope you’re finding adventure out your way,


  3. Les Barbour says:

    TA..you and your team are doing wonderful work with school kids. It must be very rewarding for all to get that great feedback from them. Great job everyone.

    Thanks TA for putting yourself out there!


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