In 2017, what ‘mountain’ will you climb?

Reading this article, by Ashley Fitzpatrick of The Telegram, entitled In 2017, what ‘mountain’ will you climb? brought back many fine memories of my preparation for and climbing of Mount Kilimanjaro. I also enjoyed reflecting on the many folks I’ve coached and assisted to make the same climb including the four sisters mentioned in the article. I always say, “When you take on your Everest (or in this case, your Kilimanjaro), you inspire others around you to do the same. Our Everests and our Kilimanjaros are all different. What is an Everest to one is a Kilimanjaro to another. What is a molehill to me might be an Everest to you…what’s most important is that we keep our eye on “the view”–that goal or passion or avocation that keeps us moving, living, and dreaming-whatever it might be–while at the same time, taking some “footsteps”–actions that move us closer to our goal/dream/view. My Everests for the year are developing and I’ll be ready to share them soon and I hope you’ll follow along-you do know I love having you journey along side us. Stay tuned and wishing you all the best for 2017.

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