Fire & Ice 2017 Day 4: Tjakta-Salka

Today the rhythms of our ski days should be set as we make way from Tjakta mountain hut to Salka mountain hut.

Did You Know?

In Sweden, the traditional Christmas visitor is the “nisse” or “gnome”, a short, good-humoured sprite with a long beard and a tasseled red cap. Swedes believe he is thousands of years old. On Christmas Eve, they leave him bowls of porridge on their doorsteps.

Forests cover over 50% of Sweden, there are also around 100,000 lakes and over 24,000 islands throughout the country. Sweden’s right to public access laws allows these areas to be fully accessible by the public.

Fire & Ice Active Activity:

KUBB is a Swedish game that compares to bowling. It uses blocks instead of pins and sticks instead of bowling balls. It develops physical literacy in children i.e. throwing skills where the object is to knock over blocks by tossing sticks at them. It’s simple, yet, a Swedish childhood favourite.

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